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You are:

• starting out as a female entrepreneur?
• already in business but not happy with your existing website?

• looking for a designer or small agency who can transfer your ideas into a form that suits you perfectly?

• not sure where to find that perfect mix of trades: a heart-opening way of communication and a sense for real business which will create your dream-figures?


You know your website should:

• be outragously outstanding;

• touch your client’s heart;

• direct them userfriendly to your best matching offer;

• define your niche;

• be tailor-made and beautifully you;

• express your dream completely!


So, glad you’ve made it: Here at Leblon-Design you can find Individual Webdesign & Corporate Design For Female Entrepreneurs.



leblondesign_jyotimaflakHi, my name is JyotiMa Flak.

I am a german designer & coach living in Rio de Janeiro and in Hamburg, Germany.

I have worked in the best german advertising & design companies before I started my search and finding new life perspectives such as: Kundalini awakening in Melbourne, aura sight in France, feeling like home in Rio.

I have experience as a graphic designer and freelancer in advertising & design for about 18 years, 3 years of it in online-marketing and blogs. I teach seminars on personal development and am a mother of a 2-year-old born in Rio de Janeiro, where I lived for about 3 years. Especially fancy Leblon, the area next to Ipanema, made my dreams come true: with a beautiful beach and surfers life-style, cosy bars & restaurants all around the corner.

I love: wordpress, fresh food, cappuccino & meditation. I speak German, English and Portuguese.


How I work:
• transformative – bringing the best of you into this world;
• German standard – always quick, efficient and with the best tools, wordpress plugins & themes on the market;
• in an unique way – I will create a design for you that will be outstanding!

Communication-Designer (Diploma) – University of Applied Arts, Hamburg
Experience of 18 years in design and 3 years in wordpress design, blogs & online-marketing

Spiritual Teacher & Life-Coach

References: Autorola, B.A.T., Bild, BMW, Brigitte, Coca-Cola, Daimler Chrysler, DEKRA, Kinder, Krombacher, 19.6 Millionen Klub, Mey , Mitsubishi, Nintendo, Pfizer, Quelle, Rama, Sat.1, smart, Strathmann AG, Smirnoff, Tactel, Tchibo, Teekanne , TV Movie, Warsteiner, Zeit Verlag, e.g.


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