You are a female entrepreneur? You are already in business or just starting out?

You are searching for the perfect design for your outstanding website, logo or corporate design?

This time, you want something special.
It should have a tasteful look and define you and your work perfectly?

Congratulations, then you are absolutely right here at Leblon-Design (and with me, JyotiMa Flak):

Let us create something special together! I’ll show you how.

“A good design of your marketing material clarifies your message and gives you a valueable and modern impression.


A beautiful design is essential in female entrepreneurship! Your clients will see you as an expert right away.”  {JyotiMa Flak}


15-Minute Website Review for free

15-Minute coaching for your actual website or branding.
You don’t have one yet? Let us talk right now:

Let's mark a date...

leblon_design_maris„JyotiMa helped me finding a design, which is tailor-made for me and combined it with the right marketing tools. In the past I used to work with programer or designer who could use either one. JyotiMa can do both: She creates elegant design and knows how to build a website WHICH SELLS!“ 
{Maris Severance, Life-Coach, Houston-USA}

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